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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

MCK updates community on closure of Mercier Bridge and related traffic concerns


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) wishes to inform the community that it has been closely monitoring the situation regarding the closure of the Mercier Bridge and has been involved in meetings both internally and externally to ensure that Kahnawą:ke’s interests and concerns are addressed.

The short-term solution to designating one-way traffic on the bridge for twelve hour periods is completely unacceptable. While we agree that rush-hour times in both the morning and afternoon should receive special consideration, the designation of twelve hour blocks of one-way traffic is already causing major problems for organizations, businesses and individuals in Kahnawą:ke.

There are substantial numbers of people who live across the river and travel to Kahnawą:ke to work and contribute to our economy every day, opposite the prevailing flow of traffic. Currently, the only way they can cross the river is to travel great distances using other downriver bridges or traveling via Valleyfield.

While there is AMT commuter train service that utilizes tracks that run through the Territory, there is currently no stop at Kahnawą:ke’s “Adirondack Junction.”  Please be assured that discussions are underway to correct this oversight and to ensure improved scheduling that would benefit Kahnawą:ke and our neighboring communities.

Additionally, we have been made aware that policing agencies in the surrounding region have been overzealous in their duties and have been actively turning people away from Kahnawą:ke, which has had a definite negative impact on local businesses. This is being addressed as well.

“We are not unreasonable,” said Grand Chief Michael Ahrķhron Delisle, Jr. “However, the needs of our people cannot and will not be ignored. We will do everything possible to ensure our needs are respected.”

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