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Joint Operation Nets Firearms, Cash and Drugs


A total of eight (8) suspects are now in custody in connection with an illegal firearms trafficking ring.

•    Shadow Barnes (21 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Joey Ruck (29 years old of Havelock)
•    Herby Peter Lahache (44 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Jonathan Williams - Mayo (30 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Damian Lee Porter (25 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Roy Beauvais (40 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Lincoln Rice (52 years old of Kahnawą:ke)
•    Jason Eugene Bober (28 years old of Chateauguay)

All suspects were taken into custody without incident after officers and investigators executed arrest and search warrants in several locations in Kahnawą:ke and Chateauguay.

Today’s operation netted over $22,000.00 in cash, 42 firearms, many of which were restricted. Non-restricted and some prohibited (illegally modified) firearms were also seized.

Approximately 2,500 (yet to be identified) tablets and a small amount of cocaine were seized from a private residence at the Chateauguay location.

Operation Flicker (Operation Lueur) involved approximately one hundred (100) officers and investigators from the Kahnawake Peacekeepers , the Joint Forces Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives Trafficking Investigation Unit and the Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

The investigation into the firearms trafficking ring began in January of 2012.

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