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Official announcement of Boycott of Chateauguay


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) wishes to officially announce that they are asking community members to boycott Chateauguay businesses as a pressure tactic in light of Mayoress Nathalie Simon’s lead role in the lawsuit that has prevented Kahnawà:ke from taking full and ‘official’  possession of approximately 700 acres of land on the northwest side of Highway 30, which was previously promised in exchange for the construction/extension of Highway 30, which is now in full operation.

These lands are contiguous (attached directly) to existing Kahnawà:ke ‘reserve’ lands.

“This lawsuit is a major thorn in our side, as it has caused the loss of business opportunities,” said Grand Chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton, who spoke on the issue at a press conference held earlier today. “We don’t want to take our frustrations out on our neighbors, but the lawsuit is a direct blow to Kahnawà:ke’s economy and we have no choice but to take action. We would much rather work with Chateauguay instead of having to take these measures but the mayoress has left us no choice. We have to make a strong statement to the people of Chateauguay that they need to put pressure on their leader in order to end the lawsuit. While the lawsuit is technically between the surrounding municipalities and Quebec, it has a more direct impact on Kahnawà:ke. It feels like we’re the defendants.”

While it is understood that no one can be forced to participate in a boycott, the MCK reminds the community that the majority of the $40 million spent annually by Kahnawà:ke in the region is actually spent in Chateauguay.

“The MCK itself does a lot of business in Chateauguay and, as of today, we are looking at purchasing supplies and services elsewhere until we get some results,” he continued. “This isn’t personal, but we cannot let their mayor dictate our future. If the lawsuit is dropped tomorrow, the boycott ends tomorrow.”

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