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Reminder - Call for Candidates for 2018 MCK Elections Electoral Officer


As per section 5.3 of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke Election Law, the Kahnawą:ke Justice Commission is inviting interested persons to submit their candidacies for the position of Electoral Officer for the 2018 MCK Elections. The submission period ends at 4pm this Friday 6, Onerahtókha/April.

Candidates must sign a privacy waiver to allow verification that they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • over the age of twenty-one (21) years;
  • meet the requirements of the Kahnawą:ke Membership Law and be listed as a member on the Kahnawą:ke Kanien’kehį:ka Registry and not currently have their benefits and entitlements as a member suspended;
  • ordinarily resident in Kahnawą:ke;
  • not have been convicted and sentenced for a criminal offense within the previous six (6) years. A six (6) year ban commences only after the sentence has been served in full;
  • not a member of the Council at any time during the year immediately preceding the election or intends to be a candidate in the election.

The Electoral Officer must also meet the requirements contained in the Terms of Reference and have the skills and experience necessary to conduct the 2018 MCK Elections in a fair, transparent and accountable manner. To assist with the evaluation, Candidates must also provide:

  • a letter of intent and resume;
  • two (2) professional letters of reference; and
  • proof of minimum high school education

Candidates deemed to meet minimum requirements by the Kahnawą:ke Justice Commission after a verification and screening process will be placed on the ballot for a community vote. The community will make the final decision on who will be Electoral Officer.

For further information or to obtain a copy of the Electoral Officer Terms of Reference and Privacy Waiver, please contact Kim Beauvais, Interim General Manager of Justice Services at 450-638-5647, ext. 60510 during regular business hours at the Court of Kahnawą:ke.

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