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Recap of Kanienkehaka of Kahnawake Law Hearing, next meeting scheduled


The Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission (KLCC) wishes to inform the community of the outcome of last evening’s fifth meeting of the Community Decision Making Process Second Hearing into proposed amendments to the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law (formerly the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law).

The agenda consisted of the removal of Sections 15 (Suspension of Entitlements) and 16 (Revocation of Entitlements), to be replaced by a single section. After two hours of discussion and debate, the participants asked to defer the decision until the next meeting in order to have time to study the proposed Kahnawà:ke Residency Law, the draft of which was released yesterday. While there was general support for the new Section (15.1) being proposed, it was felt that it would be best to study the new document to see if it is consistent with and complementary to the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law

The sixth meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm to 8:30pm next Tuesday, 19 Ohiarí:ha/June 2018 at the Karonhianóhnha School gymnasium.

The agenda will consist of the proposed new Section 15.1:

“A Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke who commits a material breach of any of his or her obligations or responsibilities as set out in:

  1. This Law or its Regulations;
  2. The Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke Pledge;
  3. The Kahnawà:ke Residency Law or its Regulations

may have his or her entitlements to reside on the Territory, to receive a land allotment, educational services, or any other benefits and services provided and administered by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke revoked by the Court of Kahnawà:ke. Applications for revocation of the entitlements must be filed with the Court of Kahnawà:ke within 30 days of knowledge of the alleged breach of an obligation or responsibility mentioned in Section 15.1 and the application will follow the rules of evidence and procedure of the Court in civil matters.”

For copies of these laws and Records of Discussion go to,

For further information on the process, please contact:
Leslie Skye, Coordinator
Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission

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