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Housing Survey results available


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK) is pleased to release the results of the recent Housing Survey conducted to gauge Kahnawa′kehr�:non with current Housing needs, from November 21 to December 21, 2018.

A total of 330 participated in the survey. The feedback gathered will assist the Housing Department in making recommendations to the Chief and Council for changes to improve the products and services of the MCK Housing Program.

The survey was conducted over two periods, in November and December 2018, which included both in-person and online surveys. Since the majority of it was done online it is not considered as accurate as in-person; however, the information gathered is considered very useful.

"We�ve received quite a bit of good, usable data from the survey, and it�s giving us a good range of information that will be a part of forming our strategic planning and help to guide the types of housing products we can offer to the community moving forward," said Davis Montour, General Manager of Housing. "When it comes to Housing, we can look at things on a spectrum. On one end would be emergency housing, and on the other end would be home ownership. Our goal is always to meet client�s immediate needs, but also to help them move across the spectrum toward achieving the goal of owning their own home."

"The survey has highlighted a few things that we already knew, such as the need to increase the number of low cost & social housing units needed in the community," Montour continued. "But it also highlighted some areas in need of development, such as housing needs for our elders, products to offer young adults/couples, etc. There�s really no single standout in terms of the results, there are several areas needing development, so clearly there�s a lot of work to do. We′ll be continuing to offer the products we currently have, but there will be development taking place as well."

He concluded, �We�ll take in these results and begin to develop plans around them. We�ll definitely continue to engage the community moving forward and look to design and offer Housing products that meet the community�s needs today, but also as we move forward as well. The community�s feedback on this issue is very much appreciated.�

The survey results are available for public viewing at the reception desk of Client-Based Services, the main MCK building or on the Surveys page at

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