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MCK acts on landfill concerns


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK) wishes to advise Kahnawa�kehr�:non that a company with expertise in hazardous materials services has been hired to help address an issue regarding concrete fragments that may contain bound asbestos fibers (fibers mixed directly in the concrete) found on several undeveloped lots in the �New Development� area in Lot 106, as well as an empty lot between the Catholic Cemetery and the 207.

�Most of the visible material has already been removed,� said Rats�nhaienhs Frankie McComber, who is the lead on the Public Safety Portfolio. �While we have assurances from the experts that there is very little risk to community members, nonetheless the MCK�s Public Safety Unit, the Kahnaw�:ke Environment Protection Office and the Landfill Department felt that Kahnawa�kehr�:non should be advised as a precautionary measure.�

�The concrete pieces were found in soils brought from work projects where sanitary sewage pipes had been removed from use by the MCK�s Capital Unit,� said Rats�nhaienhs Clinton Phillips, who is the lead on the Environment Portfolio. �The material is actually pretty stable, but we will always act with great caution when it comes to these situations � especially with a substance that has known health risks.�

Experts assure that the potential to release any asbestos fibers from this type of concrete pipe is minimal, unless the pieces are drilled, ground or cut.

The company, EXP Inc., will visit the sites this week, report on their findings, and make their recommendations to the Council of Chiefs.

�We hired experts to identify whatever actions may be needed to ensure there is no risk to the public,� said Director of Public Safety Lloyd Phillips. �We will act promptly on any recommendations. In the meantime, if members of the public come across any concrete pieces in these areas, do not move them as they may � or may not � contain asbestos.�

Asbestos was commonly used in the past and remains in older buildings and other materials to this day. It is not a concern unless it is disturbed.

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