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Newest Crosswalk reminds drivers they MUST stop for pedestrians


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK) wishes to inform drivers that a new Pedestrian Crosswalk is being installed on the Old Malone Highway at the Mohawk Market.

It is important to note that drivers MUST stop for pedestrians at these Crosswalks, which are painted yellow. Others located on the Territory include:

  1. Old Malone Highway from 7 Generations Daycare across to Rapids Convenience
  2. Old Malone Highway at the Assisted Living Center near JR�s Garage
  3. Old Malone Highway at the Kahnaw�:ke Labor Office
  4. Old Malone Highway at Proxima Pharmacy
  5. Old Malone Highway at the Bakery
  6. Highway 207 near the Highway 138 down ramp
�The streets are very busy, so it�s become necessary to create these Crosswalks,� said Rats�nhaienhs Frankie McComber, who holds the Public Safety portfolio. �It has come to our attention that many drivers seem to be unaware that these are mandatory stops to allow pedestrians to cross the street at these busy locations. If there are no pedestrians waiting to cross drivers don�t have to stop, but pedestrians always have the right of way.�

While there are $100.00 fines for those who fail to stop for pedestrians, the far more urgent matter is for drivers to obey the signs as a matter of safety. Likewise, pedestrians are urged to use the crosswalks and wait until the vehicle(s) actually stops before proceeding.

�The Crosswalks include signage, so there is no excuse for drivers to claim they aren�t aware,� Rats�nhaienhs McComber continued. �In the interest of safety, no pedestrians should ever assume a driver will stop, even when that driver is required to do so. Care must always be taken by all concerned to assure safety and avoid accidents.�

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