Cross-Border and International Travel Information


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The Kahnawà:ke COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force) would like to advise the community that due to the ever-changing nature of travel restrictions at the various ports of entry, personal travel questions/inquiries cannot be addressed by the Task Force.

“Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the Omicron Variant, and the situation regarding government requirements for cross-border travel, we are advising Kahnawa’kehró:non to research the various government websites to see the latest information and updates regarding trips over the border and abroad,” said Robyn Montour, member of the Task Force. “We understand that people want to travel and take vacations; however, be advised that any restrictions, vaccination or quarantine requirements are those of the U.S. or Canada, not Kahnawà:ke.

Additionally, when returning to Canada, it is at the discretion of the individual border services agent to make the determination if you meet their criteria for re-entry, and/or to impose COVID-19 testing, and isolation measures.

Residents can access current COVID-19 travel restrictions and/or regulations before crossing the border by visiting the following websites:

Currently, the Task Force has not implemented a travel ban, but Kahnawa’kehró:non are being advised to consider the risks involved with traveling abroad in light of this 5th Wave.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.