KEPO Kahnawà:ke Dumping Tracker App


KEPO Kahnawà:ke Dumping Tracker App - View PDF

The Kahnawà:ke Environment Protection Office (KEPO) is pleased to announce the development and release of the Kahnawà:ke Dumping Tracker App to the community. The App will help track, report, monitor, and support clean-up efforts of areas with a lot of litter or that have been illegally dumped upon across the Territory.

The App is open to use by all Kahnawa’kehró:non and allows users to send data to KEPO regarding found dumping sites, including waste contents, severity, location, pictures, if they were able to clean it, and more. It can be completed on a cell phone using the free ESRI Survey123 field app or through any web browser, using the QR code below or the following link:

The purpose of this App is to encourage community involvement in waste monitoring, reporting, and cleanup, as well as to highlight successful clean-ups; with the goal of keeping the community clean and safe. All information may be submitted anonymously if desired.

For questions, please contact KEPO at 450-635-0600 or