Kahnawake Animal Control Law Hearing November 29


Kahnawake Animal Control Law Hearing November 29 - View PDF

The Kahnawake Legislative Commission (KLC) wishes to inform the community that a Hearing regarding the Kahnawake Animal Control Law will be held on November 29, 2023, at the Kahnawake Moose Lodge from 6pm to 8:30pm.

The Technical Drafting Committee has completed Phase I and their front-end work while keeping the community informed throughout posting the following press releases:

The amended draft law is available for viewing in both a tracked change version - showing where changes were made (click here to view tracked change version), and a clean copy - fully revised (click here to view clean copy).

Once the Hearing(s) is/are completed, the Reading of the Law into the Record will be recorded at a future date and uploaded to the CDMRP website.


For information on the Law, please contact:
Ryan Montour, ryan.montour@mck.ca - Phone: 450-632-7500
Robyn Montour, robyn.montour@mck.ca - Phone: 450-632-0635
Lloyd Phillips, lloyd.phillips@mck.ca - Phone: 450-632-0635

For further information on the Process, please email:
Kahnawake Legislative Services
KLS@mck.ca / 450-632-7500