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Notice: AANDC Secure Certificate of Indian Status


The Social Development Unit of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke would like to inform the community that the processing of applications of the new Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) Secure Certificates of Indian Status (SCIS) will only be offered at the AANDC Kahnawą:ke Services Center located across from the Kateri Memorial Hospital.

The older laminated cards are being phased out and will eventually no longer be accepted as identification for border crossing. Additionally, community members have been informed by border crossing agents that the older cards will no longer be acceptable identification to cross, as of October, 2011. The MCK is currently investigating the issue.

"For the time being it′s just rumor control," said Chief Mike Bush. "There may be some ′annoyed′ border guards at the Lacolle border saying that as of October, they will not accept the laminated card. I′ve called AANDC and they are in the process of investigating."

The MCK strongly advises that everyone apply for this new and improved card before the older laminated cards are phased out.

The AANDC Services Center provides two types of Secure Certificates: an updated version of the existing cards for only benefits and tax exemption; or, one that can be used for benefits, tax exemption and border crossing. Both can be applied for by appointment only by calling 450-638-1372. This is an ongoing process.

To apply, community members are urged to have their current Status Card, along with a second piece of photo identification and original long form birth certificate on hand at their appointment. Also, please be sure that birth certificates match up (Kanien’kéha names, etc.) with what is written on your current Status Card.

For a limited time, the Social Development will issue the older laminated cards for emergency purposes only, for those who have no identification and who have no card and require services.

For further information please contact AANDC Officer Bryan Diabo at 450-638-1372 or the Director of Social Development Alexis Shackleton at 450-638-0500.

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