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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

Tsi Nitiawén:'en ne Ratitsénhaiens Wahontkennísa

Weekly Council Communique

In an effort to increase transparency between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:ke and the community, a Council Communique will be made available on a weekly basis, briefly outlining decisions, reports or issues that were addressed at the regular Monday Council meetings.

COMMUNIQUE – Monday, 20 Enniskó:wa/March 2017

The following is a synopsis of the latest Council Meeting

In: Ratitsénhaienhs Joe Norton, Christine Zachary Deom, Martin Leborgne, Arlene Jacobs, Rhonda Kirby, Clinton Phillips, Billy Diabo, Gina Deer, Carl Horn, Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer, Bobby Patton

Out: Kenneth McComber (Vacation) St. Lambert Seaway Opening

Also Present: Trina Diabo-Jacobs (Council Meeting Administrator), Dwaine White (General Manager, Office of the Council of Chiefs)), Alana Goodleaf-Rice (Executive Director) Winona Polson-Lahache (Chief Political Advisor)

House Keeping

• Cheque Signers this week: Arlene Jacobs & Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer
• Joe Norton: in Toronto Tuesday & Wednesday for meetings (1. nuclear waste shipment prevention with Chiefs of Ontario 2. Forrest Green re: Vulnerable Persons Project) with Clinton Phillips; Thursday in Montreal on alcohol taxation/legal issues related to Kahnawà:ke; Friday in Ottawa for Liquid Gym site visit.
• Bobby Patton: Tuesday in Tyendinaga for Hunting/Fishing/Harvesting meeting with Martin Leborgne; Ottawa AFN Energy Forum Wednesday & Thursday; Friday, Liquid Gym visit.
• Martin Leborgne: Meeting community member Wednesday; Friday in Ottawa with Kenneth McComber.
• Clinton Phillips: Monday meeting with Strategic Organizational Development with Billy Diabo & Community Member meeting; Tuesday & Wednesday in Toronto at meeting with Chief Madahbee; Thursday meeting at Tewatohnhi’saktha with Gina Deer; Out Thursday afternoon and Friday.
• Arlene Jacobs: Kahnawà:ke/Canada Relations (KCR) meeting Tuesday & Wednesday; Thursday FAO meeting with Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer & Kenneth McComber.
• Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer: KCR meeting Tuesday & Wednesday; Tuesday Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Board Meeting; Thursday Kahnawake Youth Center Board meeting; Finance Administration & Operations meeting Thursday.
• Billy Diabo: Monday Strategic Organizational Development meeting; Tuesday in Tioweró:ton, Wednesday, school bus drivers meeting; Thursday, meeting with community member.
• Rhonda Kirby: KSCS board meeting Monday; Tuesday at survey kiosk on Residency; Thursday, Medical Cannabis meeting with medical expert and Gina Deer.
• Gina Deer: Tuesday Tewatohnhi’saktha meeting; Thursday, Medical Cannabis meeting with medical expert.
• Christine Zachary Deom: Thursday attending University of Montreal (Mohawk Land lecture); today, Contracoeur Port consultation meeting.

Formal Agenda Items

Budget Update
Presence of Erica Delisle, Paul Rice. Adjustment in overall budget for the upcoming new fiscal year (2017-2018) in April, mainly due to surpluses, appropriations and US exchange rates. Surplus dollars will be put into reserve accounts. Housing had a surplus and that money will remain in Housing for Housing.

Request for Decision: Housing Loan Request
Presence of Alexis Shackleton & Iris Jacobs, Client Based Services. Request to approve an application from KSCS for renovations and new Housing for elders, including repairs to the Elder’s Lodge. Council Chiefs agreed with the funding request in order to proceed with the application. There will be a Tendering Process, thus the total amount will remain closed until after the tendering process is completed. Passed unanimously

Peacekeepers Services Board Policy Amendments
Presence of Ron Sky, Tonia Williams (Public Security) and Ken Bourque. The Committee that was struck to develop the PSB Governance & Policy Manual presented the final recommendations for approval. The adoption of the Governance & Policy Manual required acceptance of the full policy with exception of Section 7 (requires amendments to the Peacekeepers Law), which would be accepted once the law is amended. It was agreed to proceed as proposed: accept the policy, initiate filling between 3-5 positions on the PSB, and proceed with proposing the required changes to the Peacekeepers Law through the CDMP/KLCC. Passed unanimously.

SSSL Land Grievance Update: Funding request for SSSL Negotiations
The Loan Funding Agreement for 2016-2017 for SSSL Negotiations was presented. The Loan Funding amount approved for 2016/2017 was $114,817. Official loan funding agreement approved by 7 Ratitsénhaienhs with Joe Norton, Clinton Phillips & Arlene Jacobs abstaining. Carl Horn was not present for the decision.

Other Mohawk Council Executive Directives

None submitted


• Return of Highway 30 Lands: Presence of Lloyd Phillips & David Lahache, OCC technicians. Legal action & other actions discussed.
• Mikinak Update: The table was informed that a Federal investigation will be taking place on the issuance of fraudulent cards.
• VLT Update (EGD): Follow-up on strategic discussion with the Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission to take place. More research needed.

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