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Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:keTsi nahò:ten kahiatónnion a'arákonEnsaié:nawaseOnhkharéhson Aionkhihsnoé:nen
Tsi Ietsenhaientáhkhwa
Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke
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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

Tsi Nitiawén:'en ne Ratitsénhaiens Wahontkennísa

Weekly Council Communique

In an effort to increase transparency between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:ke and the community, a Council Communique will be made available on a weekly basis, briefly outlining decisions, reports or issues that were addressed at the regular Monday Council meetings.

COMMUNIQUE – Monday, 18 Kenténha/October 2021

Meeting held at Kahnawà:ke Office Complex

In: Ratitsénhaienhs Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer, Tonya Perron, Cody Diabo, Alan John Rice, Jessica Lazare (out for PM for meeting), Ross Montour, Michael Delisle, Jr., Lindsay LeBorgne (by video conference), Ryan Montour, Arnold Boyer, and Harry Rice

Out: Ratsénhaienhs Barton Goodleaf (Medical Leave)

Also Present: Kiera Beauvais (Recorder), Onerahtókha Marquis (Executive Director), Winona Polson-Lahache (Chief Political Advisor), and Justus Polson-Lahache (Public Relations), and Executive Assistants to the Ratitsénhaienhs

  • Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen by Cody Diabo
  • Cheque signers: Lindsay LeBorgne & Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer
  • Chiefs Uncut this week: Ross Montour. Tonya Perron scheduled for next week.
  • MCK Friday on K1037 this week: Ross Montour
  • Jessica Lazare: Monday: Meeting with Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs Ian Lafreniere; Wednesday: Multi-Purpose Building project meeting, Consultation Sectoral meeting; Thursday: Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission working group; Thursday: Consultation Meeting; Friday: Consultation Committee Meeting and update meeting with Ohontsakete Montour
  • Tonya Perron: Tuesday: Out of office (medical); Wednesday: Strategics and Finance, Administration and Operations Committee, Board Training for Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board; Thursday: KLCC Working Group for Community Decision Making Process Review, presentation to British Columbia First Nations Leadership Council Cannabis Working Group; Friday: Vacation Day
  • Alan John Rice: Wednesday: Consultation Debrief session; Thursday: Transport Canada for Consultation, Consultation for Gideon Bridge; Friday: Consultation Committee, Housing Meeting
  • Harry Rice: Wednesday: COVID-19 Mental Wellness Action Team, Tioweró:ton Meet and Greet; Friday: Asbestos Working Group meeting
  • Mike Delisle, Jr.: Wednesday: Tewatohnhi’saktha Quarterly Reporting meeting; Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) meeting; Thursday to Tuesday (Vacation)
  • Cody Diabo: Wednesday: Tewatohnhi’saktha Quarterly Reporting meeting, Tobacco Working Group meeting; Thursday: Tioweró:ton Meet and Greet; Friday: Asbestos Working Group meeting, Risk Assessment meeting with Arcadis.
  • Ross Montour: Wednesday and Thursday: Attending Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador meeting; Friday: Consultation Committee Meeting
  • Arnold Boyer: Monday: Kahnawake Shakotiia’takéhnhas Community Services (KSCS) Board meeting; Friday: Asbestos Working Group
  • Ryan Montour: Monday: KSCS Board meeting, Kahnawà:ke Search and Rescue; Thursday: Mohawk Self Insurance update meeting; Public Safety Correctional Service of Canada Parole relocation meeting; Friday: Housing meeting
  • Lindsay Leborgne: Friday: Asbestos Working Group
  • Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer: Monday: Attending funeral service for Edward Cross; Wednesday PM to Saturday: Travelling to New York City for Hydro Quebec meetings; Thursday: Meeting with Deputy First Mayor on behalf of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; Sunday: attending medicine ball game

Agenda Items

Mohawk Council Executive Directives (x3): Land Allotments
Portfolio Chief: Harry Rice. Three Land Allotments were passed by Consensus. Ross Montour abstained from one Land Allotment due to conflict with community member.

KSCS Service Complex Equity Share Buy Out
Presence of Executive Director Onerahtókha Karlie Marquis and MCK Legal Services Eric Doucet. Portfolio Chief Lindsay Leborgne. Kahnawake Shakotiia’takéhnhas Community Services (KSCS) requesting to purchase the MCK Equity Share of the Kahnawà:ke Services Complex building. Additionally, the Management Committee (made up of KSCS and MCK) which has been in place to manage the administration of the building will be dissolved. KSCS will assume full authority over the property, but will continue leasing a portion to the MCK for existing services. Passed by Consensus

Mohawk Council Executive Directive: State of Recovery Renewal
Presence of Commissioner of Public Safety Lloyd Phillips. Portfolio Chief Ryan Montour. Request to extend the State of Recovery for an additional 30-day period from October 19 to November 18, 2021, as a State of Normalcy has not yet been achieved upon the expiration of the initial 120-day Recovery Period on October 19. Successive 30-day renewals of the State of Recovery, as per the Emergency Preparedness Law are to be instated as required. Passed by Consensus

Mohawk Council Executive Directives (x3): Peacekeeper Ethics Committee Appointments & Rescindment
Presence of Commissioner of Public Safety Lloyd Phillips. Portfolio Chief Ryan Montour. Request to rescind a MCED from November 23, 2020 which formally appointed Arnold Boyer to the Peacekeeper Ethics Committee (PEC). As Mr Boyer was elected to the MCK, he is no longer eligible to be a member of the PEC. Passed by Consensus. Arnold Boyer abstained. Request to appoint Reaghan Tarbell to serve as a member of the PEC. Passed by Consensus. Request to appoint Melissa Ann Karakwi:io Montour to serve as a members of the PEC. Passed by Consensus. Alan John Rice abstained due to conflict

Mohawk Council Executive Directive: Enactment of Cannabis Control Law Regulations
Presence of MCK Legal Services Suzanne Jackson, Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission Coordinator Leslie Skye, General Manager of the Office of the Council of the Chiefs Dwaine White. Portfolio Chief Tonya Perron. Request to enact the following regulations as it pertains to the Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Law: Regulation concerning Licensing Requirements and Procedures; Regulation concerning Cultivation, Processing and Distribution; Regulations concerning Prices, Royalties and Contributions. A fourth regulation (concerning Dispensaries and Dispensary Licenses) requires more time for implementation and will be brought forward at a future date. Additionally, the moratorium instituted by MCED#48/2017-2018 remains in place only with respect to the retail sale and distribution of cannabis on the Territory, excluding the lawful import and export of legal cannabis by a Kahnawà:ke license holder, and is rescinded with respect to the cultivation and processing. Passed by Consensus.

Discussion: Confidential Discussion (Gaming)
Presence of Will Golby, Dean Montour and Murray Marshall. Portfolio Chief Mike Delisle, Jr. This item was confidential.

Request for Decision: Client Attorney Privileged Discussion (Litigation)
Presence of MCK Legal Services Marylee Armstrong. This item was Client Attorney Privileged.

Council Updates

  • Ryan Montour updated on Safety Commission meeting; meeting with Mohawk Self Insurance on finding new ways to sign up clients to the program; and meeting with Director of Housing to discuss upcoming work on addressing housing issues.
  • Arnold Boyer updated on Webinar held by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission; discussions with community members from the Community Engagement Kiosk last Friday: fencing the lagoon located near Public Works; and accessibility issue in MCK main building.
  • Ross Montour updated on gaming discussions with Six Nations Gaming Commission and Council (with Mike Delisle, Jr.); Quebec/Kahnawà:ke Relations: Statement of Understanding of Mutual Respect; Urban Boulevard project on Route 132; and MCK/Hydro Quebec’s Hertel Line partnership.
  • Cody Diabo updated on land issue with a community member; Asbestos Containing Material issue with a lot holder; continued development of the Tioweró:ton Strategic Plan; fish sampling study of lakes in Tioweró:ton; issue surrounding the discharge of firearms near cabins in Tioweró:ton; the progression of the Aquaponics project and Tewatohnhi’saktha review; and the near completion of the final report for the Asbestos Civil Investigation.
  • Mike Delisle, Jr. updated on interview correction with Eastern Door for appointment of Frank Phillips to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission; Community member discussion on potential economic venture; QKR preparation for upcoming meeting, departure of Herb Rice from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission; Six Nation Gaming discussions; Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Fund; preparatory discussions for Quebec/Kahnawà:ke Relations and direction of Economic Development moving forward; meeting with Steven Faye of Bank of Montreal regarding funding opportunities; meetings with Hydro-Quebec on Hertel; and meeting with PlanIt on Capital campaign for Multi-purpose building.
  • Harry Rice updated on planning for upcoming Tioweró:ton meeting; discussion with community member regarding concerns about Kahnawake Education Center Remote learning program; safety concerns about shipping containers being located near water; Karihwanó:ron request to temporarily use land in the village area and ongoing funding requests to secure a permanent building.
  • Alan John-Rice updated on archaeological update on the potential of developing an Oral History project.
  • Tonya Perron updated on meeting with KLCC Working Group; securing date for portfolio meeting; work taking place on the CDMP procedural manual and the repeal process; meeting with Geoff Kelley and Samuel Fiset on current files; discussion with the Court of Kahnawà:ke for potential Victims of Crime funding.
  • Jessica Lazare updated on KLCC meetings; Language and Culture Department to create signage working group; and review of the Mercier Bridge data ownership document.
  • Lindsay Leborgne updated on cheque signing; Chateauguay Sewage Plant study discussions; and discussions with community members who attended the Community Engagement Kiosk last Friday.
  • Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer updated on discussion with Hydro-Quebec trip to New York City; External Government relation portfolio meeting progression; discussions with Six Nations gaming meetings (attended with Mike Delisle, Jr. and Ross Montour); KERM; discussion with Gerald Alfred on Phase 3 of Governance project and upcoming project charter for Phase 3; Meeting with Church Committee, Jesuits and Chiefs Ross Montour and Arnold Boyer on the remains of Leon Lajoie and upcoming engagement with the community; discussions with community members at the Community Engagement Kiosk; and update on medicine ball game Sunday.
  • Closing by Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer; meeting ended at 5:18pm

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