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MCK supports independent investigation/review of process used in dismissal of former Director of Education


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) was recently approached by a group of concerned parents asking that the MCK support their efforts to suspend the Kahnawą:ke Combined Schools Committee (KCSC) and to launch an independent investigation-review of the process used to dismiss the former Director of Education. The MCK had also received written correspondence from parents and staff over the course of the past several months to alert Chief & Council to the situation and requesting assistance in resolving the matter.

Last week, Chief & Council met with the KCSC (at their request) to clarify the situation from their perspective and to share any and all relevant information. It was suggested that KCSC possibly take a step back and allow for this independent review to proceed, as the MCK made it clear that they understood that this had been previously agreed to and voted on by the parents.

After several meetings the MCK feels it is in a better position to address this and other related education issues. It is the MCK’s belief that only an independent investigation of the actions of the KCSC will bring clarity and, hopefully, closure to these issues. Too many months have passed, allowing the community to become engaged at all levels in this on-going debate, with little or no progress being made. It is clear that an independent group needs to look at all facts objectively.

As the situation has become urgent, the MCK is recognizing the wish of the parents to launch the independent investigation as soon as possible and will assist in the preparation of terms of reference for the investigator. As for the second issue, the MCK is recommending that the parents call for and hold a meeting on the issue of the suspension of the KCSC as soon as possible, with the notice that all parents participate.
This will be administered by the Education Center staff and Kahnawą:ke School administrators, and coordinated through the offices of the MCK. The community has been constantly reminded that the parents are the ultimate authority when it comes to education and its services in Kahnawą:ke. Any and all actions taken will be in the spirit of ensuring that parents’ wishes are respected.

The MCK believes that there are many issues in education that need to be addressed through community involvement and process, including administrative policies & procedures and the Constitution itself, which should be addressed once the immediate issues are settled.

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