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Extreme Cold Weather Warning


The Community Protection Unit of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke would like to ensure that community members are prepared for the extreme cold conditions expected over the next few days. It is advised that people remain indoors as much as possible to avoid cold injury.

The following are some items to be aware of about the effects of cold:

  • Mild Cold Injury - Shivering or numbness in face, hands, feet or ears
  • Frost-nip - Skin appears yellowish or white, but feels soft to the touch
  • Frostbite - Skin may look whitish or greyish yellow, feel hard or waxy and be numb
  • Severe Hypothermia - Fatigue, confusion or slurring of speech – call Ambulance
To treat cold injuries move the person out of cold as soon as possible, then:
  • Remove wet clothing
  • Warm the affected area slowly. Use warm, not hot water. Use warm hands/body heat (do not rub)
  • Give warm drinks.
If you cannot move the person out of the cold:
  • Cover them with dry blankets or clothing while waiting for help
  • Do not attempt to warm the affected area. Warming and refreezing will cause greater damage.
  • Give warm drinks
Avoid additional injury. Tissue suffering from cold injury is fragile and can be easily damaged.
  • DO NOT RUB the area
  • The affected area is numb and easily burned. DO NOT HEAT QUICKLY by using: hot water, hot water bottles, heating pads or electric blankets    
Click here for a full list of symptoms and treatments for Cold Injury. Also, visit the Emergency Preparedness page on or call 450-632-0635 for more information.

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