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MCK not pleased with neighboring towns


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) is displeased with recent legal action taken by our neighboring Communities (MRC de Roussillon) to annul Quebec’s decree for the return of land that rightfully belongs to Kahnawą:ke.

The MCK has been engaged with the Federal and Provincial Governments in a process for the return of 700 acres of land since 2008 as compensation for the alienation of 700 acres of land for Highway 30. The provincial decree that the MRC Roussillon municipalities seek to have annulled was the first official step in the process required to return the first 500 acres of land to Kahnawą:ke.

“Our initial reaction to the MRC’s actions are surprise, anger and disappointment. It is unfortunate that these mayors feel that legal action against their government is the only measure they could take,” said Grand Chief Mike Delisle Jr.

While the neighboring mayors have said this is between them and Quebec, the MCK questions the MRC’s underlying motives in challenging the decree adopted for the return of a small portion of land in comparison to the thousands of acres that have been illegally taken from Kahnawą:ke over the years. The mayors have also been quoted saying that Kahnawą:ke should be buying back land at market value and that they have been treated unfairly. This view demonstrates an ignorance of history since much of the MRC were originally Kahnawą:ke lands that were illegally taken from the Mohawks without compensation.

“We will continue to defend our actions in the best interest of Kahnawą:ke,” continued Delisle.

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