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Cannabis Opinion Poll results announced


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK) �wishes to announce the results of an opinion poll conducted last week on the topic of the sale of legal cannabis on the Territory.

The poll was conducted last week, with 425 persons participating. The combined total of those who agree with the sale of legal cannabis is 54.61%, while the combined total for ‘disagree’ is 42.55%.

The results are as follows:

  1. Should Kahnaw�:ke allow the sale of legal cannabis on the Territory?


Strongly agree�������������������� 130���� 30.73%
Agree����������������������������������� 101���� 23.88%���
Disagree����������������������������� � 34���� 8.04%
Strongly disagree�������������� 146���� 34.52%
I don’t know������������������������ � 12���� 2.84%

  1. If the sale of cannabis is permitted on the Territory, should the sale be for:

Medical use only��������������� 174���� 46.52%
Recreational use only������� ��� 6���� 1.60%
Both������������������������������������� 194���� 51.87%

Please note that two ballots were spoiled, while 47 persons did not answer question #2.

The ballot boxes were secured by the Kahnawake Peacekeepers, and the counting was witnessed by four community members. The results will be brought to Chief & Council for analysis and further discussion, after which the MCK will be available for comment.

The MCK wishes to thank the people who participated in this important poll.

Please note that the moratorium on any sale of cannabis on the Territory remains in force. Additionally, a Hearing on the proposed Kahnaw�:ke Cannabis Control Law will be announced shortly.

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